Taking Care of the Patient
Our Goal at DuraMed is to help the facilities manage their DME and DVT prevention programs so the facility can do what they do best… take care of their patients. By taking over the billing and management of the DME inventory, the staff no longer has to take time out of patient care to order, stock and bill DVT units or cuffs, all at little or no out of pocket expense to the patient. That’s making patient care our #1 priority.

Taking Care of the Facility
A dedicated sales professional will be assigned to manage the ordering, restocking and billing of the DME.  We will also be responsible for replacing broken units, repairs, and any changes that need to be made to allow for better patient care.

Taking Care of the Physicians
The physician can be assured every patient is receiving the care they need to prevent deep vein Thrombosis (DVT). We will help with DVT protocols and guidelines to assure that each patient gets the proper care they deserve.

At DuraMed, we want to earn your business everyday and welcome the opportunity to work with you!